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Photo Gallery


The “Photo Gallery” module enables your members to upload images to a specific category that the Administrator creates. This module requires categories to be created to use the Photo Gallery.




Enable the Photo Gallery? – Select “Yes” to enable the photo gallery module, otherwise select “No”.

Enable the Photo Gallery ratings? – When this is enabled, your users will be able to rate images on a one to five star rating system.

Approval email address (Leave blank to disable) – You can specify an email address in this field, so the user will receive an email to approve images before they are displayed to a user.




Keys to access the Photo Gallery. – Select the keys that will be able to access the “Photo Gallery” module.

Keys to upload a photo – Select the default keys a user will need to upload an image to a category. When adding a category the “write” keys will overwrite this option.

Keys to manage the Photo Gallery. – Select the keys a user must have to manage the “Photo Gallery” module. Users in this key will be able to add, edit, and delete categories and images.


Web Pages


This screen will allow you to modify the main “Photo Gallery” page that a user will view when entering the “Photo Gallery” module. You can also modify individual category pages by selecting the dropdown for “Page to Modify”.